40HQ Ocean Freight Shipping From Guangzhou, China to Ashdod, Israel
Aug 19,2023

The Shipping Details of Goods below:

★ DATE: 2023-08-06

★ POL: Guangzhou, China

★ POD: Ashdod, Israel

★ COMMODITY: Suitcases

★ WEIGHT:25820.00 KGS

★ QUANTITY: 600pcs

★ VOLUME: 38.00 CBM


It is the honor of Baton Logistics to arrange 1*40HQ Ocean Freight Shipping From Guangzhou, China to Ashdod, Israel

Shenzhen Baton International Logistics service includes Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Courier/Express, Amazon FBA, Warehousing, Customs Clearance and Insurance from China to Israel.


If you need an international logistics service from China, pls feel free to contact us!


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