Global sellers hit a new record for Amazon Prime membership daily sales, and the growth exceeds Amazon's self-operated business
Jul 16,2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 ended yesterday. During the 2-day event, Amazon's global sellers, including Chinese sellers, hit another record high, and their sales growth on Amazon exceeded Amazon's self-operated business. The consumer electronics and household items deployed by many Chinese sellers are one of the best-selling categories in the world during this year's Amazon Prime Day.

According to data released by Amazon Global, during the event, Amazon Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide, and consumers around the world bought more than 100,000 items every minute. In supporting small businesses, consumers around the world generated more than $3 billion in sales for small businesses in the three weeks leading up to Amazon Prime Day.

In China, before the start of Amazon Prime Day this year, Amazon Global Selling and Amazon Advertising launched a number of initiatives to help Chinese sellers prepare for the peak sales season in advance. Next, Amazon will continue to innovate products and seller support to help sellers continue to grow. In terms of logistics, through the Amazon logistics new product warehousing preferential plan, it provides sellers with discounts on new products; in terms of brand building, through the newly opened brand equity authority management function, it helps sellers unlock a series of exclusive brand building tools; in terms of product selection, Use tools such as business opportunity detectors and product selection compass to help sellers expand new sites, new categories and new products, and find opportunities in market segments; in terms of cross-border payment, preferential rates and other benefits are introduced for new and old sellers .

In addition, Amazon Advertising will continue to innovate advertising products and solutions to help sellers and brands achieve new product promotion and brand building through brand promotion, flagship store, follow, post, Amazon live broadcast and other products. It will also help sellers to connect with high-quality advertising service providers through "advertising creative services", one-stop optimization of creative elements such as pictures and videos, and enhance brand image.

Since it was first held in 2015, third-party sellers have repeatedly achieved new highs in Amazon Prime Day. With the unique resources of Amazon Prime members, Amazon Prime Day has become a good opportunity for Chinese sellers to increase sales, build global brands, and expand their global business. This year's Amazon Prime Day, the number of Amazon sites covered reached 24, the most in history.

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