Who are the beneficiaries of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine International Railway?
Jun 10,2022

International logistics. 
At present, the China-Europe and Central Asia international railway routes are completely dependent on Alashankou on the northern line of Xinjiang. The first section of the route must pass through Kazakhstan, and then turn to European and Central Asian countries, respectively. The international railway line of the Belt and Road is passive, with limited production capacity and operating routes. After the operation of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine Railway, Kashgar, which is located on the southern line of Xinjiang, will be directly connected to Central Asia. In addition to turning to Europe, it can also be extended to Iran via Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and related international land logistics services. And products will become more and more abundant, the production capacity of railway trunk lines will be increased, and the existing logistics costs of these countries will be reduced, and the volume of international trade import and export will increase. Therefore, the first beneficiary of the China-Gyria-Ukraine Railway will be the international logistics industry.

International trade. 
Directly related to international logistics is international trade. At present, the trade volume of China-Kyrgyzstan, China-Ukraine, China-Arab, China-Pakistan, and Iran is increasing year by year, most of which are exported goods, and imports are relatively weak, because the industrial chain of these countries is not perfect, cannot be cut into the international supply chain system, but these countries have rich natural resources, agricultural resources and human resources. With the opening of railway channels and the reduction of transportation costs, these resources are expected to enter the international supply chain market, increasing exports and Investment.Therefore, the international trade industry will be the second beneficiary.

Beneficiary area. 
International logistics and international trade are the beneficiary industries. If the beneficiary countries are narrowed down to the beneficiary regions, it will be the major cities along the China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine Railway. First of all, the biggest beneficiary city for China will be Kashgar in Xinjiang. In Kashgar, at present, the city has become China's main land hub connecting Central Asia, with well-established infrastructure such as logistics stations and comprehensive bonded areas, and domestic road-rail combined transport projects have been fixed here. If the railway is connected to Central Asia , the future freight volume will catch up with Alashankou and Horgos of the North Vietnam Line, and the city will be further expanded; looking at foreign countries, the overseas section of the China-Jiangsu-Ukraine Railway Line is planned to be divided into two lines, which are divided into the southern line and the northern line. We can only judge from the existing information that the cities we pass through are all beneficiary areas. However, due to the different industrial and agricultural backgrounds and economic strengths of the cities, there will be differences in the degree of benefit. For example, Osh in Kyrgyzstan and Andijan in Uzbekistan, the two cities With an industrial base, the degree of benefit must be higher than that of other cities along the line, and the latter may become another international railway hub of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine Railway in Central Asia. Through Andijan, it can be distributed to the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Termez, and Tajikistan. With Dushanbe in Kyrgyzstan, Kabul in Afghanistan, Islamabad in Pakistan, etc., coupled with a strong industrial base, Andijan is likely to become another major overseas investment destination for Uzbekistan.

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