Shipping from China to Thailand

shipping from china to Thailand


Baton Logistics is the premier provider of efficient sea freight & air freight services for all your shipping needs.



With our experienced staff and professional handling team, all facets of cargo logistics/forwarding operations can be shipped from China to major cities in Thailand including Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Nonthaburi and others.



According ur cargo details, we can provide all kinds of logistics service such as courier express service, break bulk, out of gauge, warehousing and consolidation, distribution, customs clearance, road transportation, insurance, and trading services.





We cover all the major ports of China from Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Hangzhou to Ningbo, and many more, with the most safety and reliability at the most affordable rates.



FCL/LCL Container Freight Logistics 

From China To Thailand



● Short Sea shipping Period.
● Door-to-door/ Port-to-port shipment.
● Optimize your FCL and LCL price.
● Customs clearance in China and Thailand.
● Combine all orders into 1 shipment to Thailand.



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Air Freight Logistics 

From China To Thailand



● Fast Shipping.
● Fast custom clearance.
● Free storage service.
● Provide the special price to you.
● Labeling, packing, and re-packing service.



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Dangerous and sensitive goods

From China to Thailand



● Dangerous goods packaging guidance.
● Familiarity with Thailand Customs requirements.
● Preparation of customs clearance documents (MSDS).
●Cargoes we can transport: Gases, explosives (fireworks or sparklers), flammable liquids (solvents or paints) and lithium batteries, etc.



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Why Trust Baton as Official Freight Forwarder in China?



We offer shipping between China and Thailand by both air and sea, and our staff has the right knowledge to advise you on the fastest and least expensive transport plan based on your business needs.


So get in touch with us today for your cargo shipping from China to Thailand via email or telephone, and we will work out a freight services plan for your business that will not only assure speed and agility but also the best value for your money.


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FCL Container Freight Logistics 
From China To Thailand

Main seaports from China to Thailand

Reliable shipping schedule

Competitive Ocean freight


LCL Freight Logistics 
From China To Thailand

Main seaports from China to Thailand

Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON

A little bit big but not urgent shipment


Air Freight Logistics 
From China To Thailand

Main airports from China to Thailand

Competitive Cost & Timely

Urgent shipment


Courier Service from

China to Thailand

Sample & Small shipments


Competitive Cost & Timely


Door to Door Logistics Service
from China to Thailand

Door to Door Logistics Service by LCL/FCL/Air

One-Stop Logistics Service


Consolidation Service 
From China To Thailand

Collect cargoes from different supplier and different city

Warehouse in every main city in China

Doing Custom clearance and providing document

Technical Support: Magic Lamp