Shipping from China to Brazil

shipping from china to Brazil


Baton is one of the NVOCC forwarders in China and we signed many good contract shipping rates with shipping companies, especially for FCL shipment from China seaport to Brazil port.



Besides competitive shipping rates, we are experts to provide logistics schemes for any kind of shipping goods to make sure goods are safe and reduce logistics costs.





Baton can ship your goods from any city in China (Shenzhen to Brazil, Guangzhou to Brazil, Xiamen to Brazil, Ningbo to Brazil, etc) to any port in Brazil, contact us to arrange your next shipment.



We coordinate everything to ensure that when you choose us as your import from China to Brazil freight services provider, you get only the best.



FCL/LCL Container Freight Logistics 

From China To Brazil



● Stable Shipping time (28-40 days).
● Economy FCL and LCL price.
● Customs Clearance in China and Brazil.
● Port to port, door to door, door to port, port to door.
● Adjustable shipping solution.
● 7*24  hours online trace.



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Air Freight Logistics 

From China To Brazil



● Urgent Air Freight.
● Economical Air Freight.
● Customs clearance in China and Brazil.
● Cargo insurance.
● Safe and fast door-to-door.
● Providing free warehousing services.
● Pick up your goods in any city in China.



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Additional services

Shipping from China to Brazil



● Pickup and delivery.
● Warehousing and distribution.
● Cargo insurance.
● Custom clearance.



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Why Trust Baton as Official Freight Forwarder in China?



We offer shipping between China and Brazil by both air and sea, and our staff has the right knowledge to advise you on the fastest and least expensive transport plan based on your business needs.


So get in touch with us today for your cargo shipping from China to Brazil via email or telephone, and we will work out a freight services plan for your business that will not only assure speed and agility but also the best value for your money.

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FCL Container Freight Logistics 
From China To Brazil

Main seaports from China to Brazil

Reliable shipping schedule

Competitive Ocean freight


LCL Freight Logistics 
From China To Brazil

Main seaports from China to Brazil

Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON

A little bit big but not urgent shipment


Air Freight Logistics 
From China To Brazil

Main airports from China to Brazil

Competitive Cost & Timely

Urgent shipment


Courier Service 

From China To Brazil

Sample & Small shipments


Competitive Cost & Timely


Door to Door Logistics Service 
From China To Brazil

Door to Door Logistics Service by LCL/FCL/Air

One-Stop Logistics Service


Consolidation Service From China To Brazil

Collect cargoes from different supplier and different city

Warehouse in every main city in China

Doing Custom clearance and providing document

Technical Support: Magic Lamp